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Selfish Sonnet
I want to pluck eyelashes from your face;
I want to cover your sandpaper skin in lotion;
I want to fold your dimples into place;
I want to help you  colour your every emotion;
I want to smooth your crinkled nose when you sneeze;
I want be the salt in your every tear;
I want whispers through hair - a secret breeze;
I want to trace my finger over contours of ear;
I want to be the song stuck within – you’re heady;
A rhythm surging through your limbs until
Your feet can no longer bear to hold themselves steady;
I’ll electrify your body to a thrill.
I swear, I want to be less selfish, sweet:
But I want you more than I want that feat.
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I lift my feet as you
pass the pipe beneath and
draw the little flakes of
skin and strands of hair out
of our living room rug.  
You traverse the room
preceded by a proboscis  
and succeeded by a rumbling
receptacle of rubbish.
You look like a superhero to me.  
I’m washing the cups and
cups and dishes and pots,
somewhat grudgingly, though
also in a bubble
of dish-washing delight.  
Once started, I’m on a roll,
and I scrub the surfaces
of our tomato and tea
and starch-stained steel kitchen sink.  
You plant a lasting love note on my neck .
The bathroom sink holds no
chance; I show no mercy
when I’m erasing signs
of white spit, purple soap –
and all must go before
We roll out the sofa bed
so we can get tangled up
until the very last speck
of our domestic Sunday.
I’d like to grow purple orchids with you.
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The Scent Singer
She spins silks from scents;
the weaver of words, the seamstress of stories
coloured ribbons in her hair, circling softly,
spirals sigh with secret senses
she sings with whispers of woodsmoke,
of benzoin and myrrh, jewels of frankincense
her lyrics are made from the colours of a dusk sky;
her music, with newspaper ink and cinnamon bark—
and when she paints, her palette is formed of
pink pepper, violet ionone, amber and hedione;
her canvas will be just a touch of vapour,
a spritz of breath upon warm skin…
    Could you know?
looking into the depths of
your alcoholic euphoria,
that crystalline glass, golden mirage,
facets reflecting rays of--
    Could you know?
leaning to breathe in
her subservient seduction,
the cocktail hour's concoction,
ten tangles of the temptress--
    Could it be—
all within a delusion, within a dream,
within a spectral truthful stream?
    Could it be—
this phantom’s fantasy is no more than
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Worlds Apart
Part I: Mombasa
It smells like sun, sun, sun and rotting fruit,
Like heat and green, life growing from the root –
White cotton dress: red belt, red ribbons, red shoes.
Skin toasted brown, brown eyes, warm views.
At the height of class 7: a Giraffe, taller than all –
Badminton champion, team captain of netball.
I grew here like a language, like a sunrise.
But then I heard Papa say that maybe it was time.
Watches in his repair shop stopped in place,
The grandfather clock in the corner ceased to chime.
Emigration was drawn by the hand on each face.
Mummy’s family had relocated, leaving Uganda behind –
In Tanzania and Kenya, the tensions would soon follow.
In October 1973, visas received and papers signed,
The boxes were filled and my bookshelves left hollow.

Part II: London
February 16th, 1974. The sky was bleak:
Raindrops slid tracks down each cheek,
The dampness seeping through my clothes
And settled, for years, inside my nose.
I didn’t get to live
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The Source
Creativity buds within you before you are born, some say –
like the shape of your eyes, the birthmark on your cheek.
Others, that it’ll grow as you stretch yourself skywards:
a sprout blessed by sunlight, sprinkled with freckles.
I’m not sure which I believe: both, or neither – or something in between;
Could it rise from a cosmic encounter, or from a directional dream?
The thrum and hum of the drum pulsates –
does that beat that make you dance for your days?
Do you feel the inks slowly seep inside?
the stroke of the brush,
the chafe of the chalk,
as well as the pencil’s graze?
The curves and the bow, the strings that you chose –
when first struck, did they sing, “We are one and the same”?
I’d like to believe that I’m not selfish, but
when I create, I want it all
I want to compose a poem with the colours of the dusk sky;
Sing a song using scents of amber and incense –
To paint a portrait with the sounds of your whis
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On Ignorance
I’d rather not know about the finning of sharks,
Or the desolation and ruin refugees are leaving behind;
I want to be able to understand more about quarks,
And know how a man can travel through London, blind.
I don’t fully comprehend the concept of austerity, which
Measures a government should or shouldn't contemplate;
And it fascinates me that bats hear to the height of pitch
At 200 000 Hz, whilst whales can detect even lower than 8.
I hate to hear of gun violence, unnecessary and tragic;
Of cerebral cells being slaughtered by viral infection;
Yet I am captivated by the indescribable magic
And intricacy of evolution, survival, and natural selection.
If you need directions, I’m not the person to question –
I’ll most likely send you the opposite way;
But please, speak to me of linguistic expression
And the dazzling colour of northern lights in Norway.
Could I please be blissfully unaware of darkness? I feel so mesmerized by light –
It’s a wonder
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Scavenge hunt
Scattered           limbs            upon the bank
of the river turned murky by dirt
and            lifelessness
Plastic litter                                                       scuttles like crabs
across the underside of the bridge’s belly
Discarded wrappers
and soggy cigarette stubs           wander along, battered
by the light drizzle
A beady-eyed, greedy-eyed
seagull chases after them.
Even he seems                       like cast-off junk,
itinerant in inappropriate land-lock.
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“Watch out!”
He sailed through the air and landed at the side of the road, in a crumpled pile. Scrambling to sit back in the grass, Evan’s mouth hung agape like a fish. He was, somehow, almost intact.  The truck continued rumbling past, and the sounds echoed in his head, circling round his confounded mind.
He struggled to process what had just occurred: one moment he stood bang in the middle of the road, death looming – but the next… The next, he was where he sat now. He looked up; someone was crouched down in front of him, gesticulating, talking to him. Tamara. What was she saying?
“...okay? Hello? Say something! Shit!” she poked and prodded frantically at his head, his ribs, his legs. His mouth felt dry. He blinked at her.
Pulling the words from the back of his mind, he responded:
“Yes…. I… what..?” he croaked. Had she just..? And how could…?
“Oh, thank god! I thought you’d lost it, or something!
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Single white lash
flutters with the dark others
upon a semi-closed lid
He pauses to consider, a small
twitch of the mouth creeping
up his dry worn-leather face
A smile lights up as he says,
“A nice smell, this one.”
and selects a number on the scale
Unshaved patch where
this morning’s razor missed
but he can be excused
His brow furrows as he
focuses on the terry towel
held in plastic-gloved hands.
Head shakes a little now and
then, unstably due to age
and perhaps uncertainty
Old blind man sits
in a metre-squared booth
and smells for sensory analysis
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She dove in deep, daring the ocean to swallow her up as it had done before.
Different ocean, different time.
The water surrounding her was a crystal clear turquoise, almost the same shade as her favourite pendant, given to her by her sister. The corals were bright and populated with stunning, lively fish that darted about in dizzying directions.
Directions. She didn’t care which way was up or down, North or South, here. She didn’t mind feeling directionless.
The water then had been inky, thick like tar and inescapable. It was uninviting but dragged her deep, like a magnet to her heavy, iron limbs.
All she’d wanted, then, was some direction, some light by which to see. She could hardly breathe.
Different ocean, different time.
Here, Cassandra’s lungs filled calmly with air, and she slowly emptied them out into a frenzy of flickering and gurgling bubbles. Her eyes followed them as they rose: so too, did the tiny, silver fishes, scattering and reuniting. She danced
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I don't know what the issue is
with my skin
after all, it's just a little more
I feel sort of sorry for you,
in fact
You scorch yourself under the light
just to get a little glow
but now you're a giant lobster
a sun-wrinkled tomato
And you think my skin is the one
that's gross
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 0 0
Warmth of amber on my skin:
I’m dreaming, once again.
Orange blossoms in a swirl,
Then rose and jasmine soon unfurl –
Silk and velvet, shimmered and pearled,
What a fragrance – what a world
Of poetry, art and scent,
That somehow I have dreamt.
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 1 5
Distance is Lonely
I wake up, alone; you’re far away
In a different climate, a different time of day -
But where I am, the skies swirl in stony grey.
You wake up, alone; I’m not there –
I’m hours behind, and it’s not fair,
And it feels like far too much to bear.
We wake up, together at last;
But our days together pass too fast –
Those days are soon just memories past.
I wake up, alone, and you do, too
A hundred lonely days we must see through –
But soon, again, I will see you…
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The Heart Brags
My hands are cold but move like dancers
They dance, they dance, they dance
Poppy red blossoms under my eyes
It blooms, it blooms, it blooms
Little orbs slide between the notes
They roll, they roll, they roll
Down my gullet the dots swim
They swim, they swim, they swim
I breathe the fumes of my own ghosts
I breathe, I breathe, I breathe
I swing from the eaves of my own mind
I swing, I swing, I swing
Swallowed by the seas - spat out again
I am, I am, I am
Out from between my monster’s jaws
I am, I am, I am
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 0 0
Come over to insomnia
Where the nights tick loudest,
And the days are dazed and hazed and crazed.
Step into the chemical dysphoria;
No, dance, into the shadowed caverns of
untamed beasts
familiar phantoms
Your favourite darknesses,
Your favourite filth.
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 1 0
I’ve been so patient, for so long –
I’ve borne these motions,
These swift emotions,
And still this storm sweeps me along
I’m not one whose virtues extend through time:
Not one who can bear bruises
And constant abuses
Along the same old torturous climb.
“How long?” I ask, I beg, I implore –
How much longer will it take for similitude
To convince my soul of a fortitude,
And persuade my mind each day is not a chore?
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 0 0

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I can't believe I've hardly written in a year! I miss it, but I guess I've been getting my creativity out in other ways (though not nearly as much!)
I hope that this is the start of another creative phase; I often write 40 poems in one go and then stop for ages.
I'm out of practise so the first few will probably not be much good.
Anyway, happy new year & happy new phase! 

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